Bodacious Sweet Corn

By Renee Robinson-Seelye


The beginning of the week has been exciting for the little ones.  We prepared for our opening day of the sweet corn stand.  Lucy watched her Dad repair the floor to the stand.  We didn’t have enough money saved up quite yet to build a new deck; however, we had a pile of plywood in the barn that would do the trick for now.

She wasn’t as excited for the new floor as she was her first bite into the sweet corn.  She ate a full ear of raw corn as soon as Nick got back from picking.

Our first round of corn is a variety called Bodacious, an all yellow corn that has really great flavor.  The flavor is so sweet, that raccoons and bugs love it too.  We didn’t spray for bugs, therefore, some ears may have some worms at the tips of them.

My Dad said “Who cares, worms are good for you!” and my husband said “If the worms are eating it, it means it’s sweet!”  Well let me tell you my perspective, the worms creep me out. I am not eating one, and they do not make me think anything positive like Dad and Nick.  However, I can assure you that they are harmless, and all you need to do is cut the tips off where the worm was, and the rest of the ear is perfectly fine. Don’t pass up sweet corn because of a worm at the top, it’s not necessary.

After the stand’s floor was repaired, the table and signs were set up, and our open sign is flying.  If you drive by our farm on Decatur Road, stop in, and drive slow, little ones may be running to greet you!


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