Another Big Project


By Renee Robinson-Seelye

My parents purchased my Grandmother’s home and farm around 20 years ago. This is the farm that has been in our family for 6 generations.
On the wall in my grandmother’s kitchen hung pictures of the Robinson men in order, starting with the first Nathan Robinson in 1863, then Myron, G. Lytle, Roldo, A.J. and ending with my dad, Nathan Robinson. The house that was built on this farm was built in 1893.

When my grandmother passed away in December 2016, it was time for my parents to decide how to move forward with the home. Many people would have seen this home as too far gone, too many updates to be made, and too many snags along the way if attempting to restore. However, my parents decided to take on the challenge. They committed to bringing the house back to life, while updating it in order to live in it comfortably for the next stage in their life.

Some updates include, taking out a staircase to open the kitchen up for an open concept, all new kitchen features, turning a bedroom into a full bathroom, and installing all new heating/cooling along with electric.

Kitchen before:

New kitchen in process:

The major restoration of the home was bringing all of the original hardwood floors back to life.

Restoring the original trim on the downstairs level really added to the life and originality of the home, and original doors and hinges were used to blend Victorian and Farmhouse styles nicely.

They also restored the home’s porch posts and included them in the kitchen and dining layout.  They have reclaimed barn wood from the fallen barn in the yard and showcased it in a custom made kitchen island.
And they are preserving writings in the walls found during demolition, that pay respect to those who put in their hard work and talents before them.

Coffee Bar in process:

Kitchen Island in process:

One of the writings being preserved:

It’s been one of the most insightful projects to watch my parents tackle together. I was not around to see them create their farm where they now live, but I imagine it was similar. They had to really think about their personal styles, and agree on how they want to live together in their future. My parents have been working with one another on the farm for over 40 years now, then they added the business, and now restoring a home side-by-side.  That is a whole lot of time to spend with your significant other.  It is not like the HGTV shows around here. It is real life. They argue. They fight. They lose their patience. Over and over again.

However, when they finally complete the project, sit down and live in what was created, they’ll be able to look at each other and love one another a little more. It is something they can be proud of together. My parents will be able to look at this restored home with the same regard as they do the farm they built years ago. It brought them closer, challenged them, and encouraged them to work as a team. It is a product of their hard work, and hard love. It is something that will stand through the test of time, just like their commitment to one another.


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  1. Beverly Stamp says:

    Wow… I remember being in the home…. what a beautiful home you have made for yourselves! Beverly Stamp


    1. Thank you! Be sure and stop by next time you are in the area.


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