Going Whole Hog!

By Renee Robinson-Seelye


The Fourth of July on the farm this year was certainly one to remember!  We started the weekend out with some slamming farmer’s markets.  Thank you to everyone who filled their grills with Jake’s this week; you are all in good company.  After we worked hard during the weekend, a fun party was exactly what everyone needed.  We decided to go whole hog for this party and a hog roast on the farm was way overdue.  The last time we roasted a whole hog was for my High School graduation party, over 10 years ago. (yikes!)

We wanted something great to accompany the whole hog and to entertain our guests, so my husband set out to create the biggest slip and slide I have ever seen.

It was very impressive.  It was so impressive, that I made him go down it first to test it out for safety! I was happy to see that he didn’t break any bones, or skid across the remainder of the lawn, so it passed the safety test!

The morning of our party, our well decided to malfunction.  Of course, the day of a party in which the entertainment is completely fueled by water, our water source decides to break down.  The pressure just wasn’t holding up to spray the giant slide, fill our animals water tanks, and supply the house at the same time.  Nate and Nick spent an hour or so trying to fix the water logged well, and they finally came up with a solution to satisfy the giant slip and slide for the party.  And all of our animals stayed fully hydrated as well!

Our guests started rolling in around 4 pm, and the kids went straight for the slide.  Even some adults braved the hill and came back out on top, maybe a little sore, but nothing more.

Now back to the whole hog…We were all anxiously waiting for 6pm so we could dive into this bad boy.  Many men spent their time fighting over the best pieces of meat as they sliced it up for our guests.  We later found out that the belly, the tenderloin, and a couple spots of the shoulder never did quite make it inside with the rest of the food.

After all of the food and activities, Nick and my brother-in-law Sam, ventured out to the fields to put on a great fireworks show for everyone.  Our pigs and cows don’t really mind the firecracker sounds, but horses can get scared.  We let our neighbors know in advance when we extended the invite, so they could bring their horses into the barns.  I’m sure they appreciated the notice, because it wasn’t a quick or quiet backyard display.  The farm was lit up for over a half an hour, and the yard was full of cheering and laughing.  The Fourth of July 2017 just may go down as one of the best times on the farm.


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