Strength and Love

June 30th, 2017

It was a uniquely somber week on the farm.  Our community was shocked by devastating news for our neighbors.  They lost their child due to an accident on their farm.  This terrible tragedy completely changed so many people’s lives in an instant.  Even if you don’t know the family, or who was involved, hearing about this story completely consumes you.  Trying to make sense of it, no matter how hard you try, just doesn’t work. However, having the community come together was the first step towards peace.

We attended the little boy’s funeral on Monday, and it will be a day I will never forget. Even through the saddest day for so many people, I could still feel a sense of strength.  The strength came from the number of people there; it came from the bold message delivered through song and Spirit; it came from small children singing an uplifting song with smiles on their faces; it came from holding on to one another.  As we stood in the cemetery surrounding the family, the Pastor encouraged us all to hold hands.  Hundreds of people from our small community, hand-in-hand, honoring a little boy who loved to farm.  There was so much strength in that.

I, a mother of two small children that work with me at our farm, know that accidents are bound to happen.  The magnitude, or severity of those accidents is completely unknown to us, and worrying about them is not important. What is important is to love our family unconditionally, to love our neighbor diligently, and to love the land that provides for our well-being.  Keep our community in your thoughts and prayers as we all try to lift up and encourage the families in need during this long journey towards peace.


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