A little rain won’t hurt….

Father’s Day weekend at the farm is extra special because it is also my Dad’s birthday.  We really didn’t plan any gathering until last minute; it seemed to sneak up on us all.  I mean, it’s the end of June already, that just doesn’t seem right.  We decided to get together after markets on Saturday evening.  Some of us are at the farm packing the truck for Sunday anyways, so it seemed like a good time for everyone to meet.

When we finally rolled in and finished packing the truck, it was around 8pm; perfect time to throw a bunch of smoked chops on the grill.  They require zero prep, and only take about 10 minutes to cook.

Within that 10 minutes, a huge storm came rolling over the farm.  It has been rather dry around here, so the soaking rain was great to see!  However, the grill-master of the night was not too thrilled with the rain.  Nick was nice enough to place an umbrella over him during the 10 minutes.  It didn’t really help him, but it did help us all laugh.

Since we planned the party the night before, I popped into the local bakery after my market, and just hoped they had a cake big enough to feed 20 people.  They did, thank goodness!  The only catch was this huge cake was decorated with Mickey Mouse, and all of Mickey Mouse’s friends…perfectly fitting for a 62 year old man…whoops!

We sang Happy Birthday, laughed about the decorations, and enjoyed some sweet cake over some even better conversation. We hung around until midnight reminiscing about old stories on the farm, which made me lose my voice from laughing so hard.

I am grateful for the Fathers in our family, and the time we had to celebrate them.  I am also very grateful for everyone else sitting around the table; the people who make the farm great, those stories great, and the laughs contagious.


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