I love the future of farming the most

June 9th, 2017

What do I love the most about farming? I certainly love that we are contributing to the land. I love that we are creating food, something that sustains life. I also love the versatility of farming, and that it can create so many different jobs, and life-long careers.

I love that farming easily includes family and friends. There is always room for more people to be involved, or simply for others to enjoy it on occasion.

I love being able to see farming through my children’s eyes. No matter what age they are, there is something they can learn from our farm.


Currently, Huck is learning about the different noises animals make; Lucy is learning about which foods come from plants, and which foods come from animals.

It is important for me to see farming from their perspective. I have learned new things along the way, and have gained a better sense of the big picture.

These little eyes are very powerful. They can influence an entire generation of farming. These little eyes are the next step towards a different food system. Keeping little eyes in mind when you are making decisions, keeps your decisions current and fuels forward-thinking.  So this week I’m focused on you, little eyes. I’m focused on the hard work it takes to make things a little better around here.

So to answer the question…I guess right now,  I love the future of farming the most.



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