Mother’s Day and some excitement!

May 19th, 2017
Mother’s Day on the farm…it started off as a beautiful morning. Late to rise, coffee timed to brew so there was no wait for that first sip. Nick unfortunately (and fortunately because we love the market) had to attend the opening Logan Square market that day, so my mom-duties were in full force, but it still seemed to be a very nice morning.

Kids cooperated and played well in the morning, and then we ventured up to my Mom’s for a late breakfast. Everyone was able to join and help prepare a huge breakfast feast in Sweet Lou’s kitchen. We had biscuits and sausage gravy, eggs, toast, pancakes, fruit, monkey bread, every type of bacon you can buy from us at the farmers market, and more. It was the best way to celebrate.

After the feast, all of the mom’s (some of the best Mom’s that I know) were able to enjoy a cup of coffee while my brother, nephew and Dad tended to the massive mound of dishes.

It was awesome.
We then sat in the yard under the sun and talked for a few hours. This was adding up to be one of the best Mother’s Days, until a small pig ventured its way onto the yard. It surprised us all, and puzzled me. The little pig didn’t look too great either, and acted as if it needed a drink of water. So we took the pig back to the field to enjoy a much needed drink.

I decided to check out a pen that was near the field because something didn’t seem right. Sure enough, the group of piglets’ water tank was empty, and half of it was dry. No time is a good time for pigs to be out of water, but if you were able to choose, it would not be on the first hot day of the season. So I had to act quickly and attempt to figure out the problem, all while in my nice shoes and clothes I may add.

My dad and sister were quick to head down and help after they heard I was struggling trying to figure out the issue. We were finally able to pry the top of the water tank up with a crowbar in order to check the source of water, and found a bunch of mud and manure that needed cleaning out. There is no real good way to do this other than to get your hands dirty, so that’s what my sister and I did. Then we had to open the valve further to allow more water pressure for the tank. The pigs were drinking the water more quickly than it was flowing out, which caused a big problem. After a few minutes of higher pressure, water was flowing nicely and pigs were happy again.
Two moms on Mother’s Day climb out of a pig pen covered in pig poop; the smell doesn’t easily wash off either. I know I probably didn’t properly thank my sister because I was irritated at the whole situation. So if you are reading this Jamie, thank you very, very much.
When we got back up the hill to the rest of the family lounging in the yard, the comment, “it wouldn’t be a Holiday unless pigs are out, or something” was said, and they couldn’t be any more accurate.

I’m glad everything was able to be fixed before any major problems happened.  And luckily we didn’t venture far from home that day so we could catch that problem quickly.  Sometimes “poop” happens, and I guess Mother’s Day is no exception when you live on a farm. It was still a good day to be a farmer and a Mom.


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