“It is what it is.”

May 26th, 2017

Last week’s newsletter about the water tank repair on Mother’s Day sparked some good conversations on the farm. Having an inadequate supply of water for even a few hours is a big error, an error that we aren’t proud of at all, but these type of things do happen on a farm once in awhile. The question of what is too much sharing was brought up during one of these discussions. I answered by simply saying “it is what it is.” Dad then asked me what I meant by that, and I didn’t have a very good answer at the time. I think my Dad did, but in someway wanted me to ponder on it without saying, so here it goes…

We started this business in 1999 with the slogan “Pork You Can Trust.” You can still see this tag line on all of our pork labels; however, with the development of more products over time our tag line has changed to “Your Connection to Your Food.”
When we first hit the farmers markets hard in the 2000’s, our original slogan was quick to spark interest or questions. We heard “never knew there was pork I couldn’t trust,” or “hmm what an odd statement.” Now that the food movement has finally taken way, it is evident our farm’s philosophy was ahead of its time.

We believe in letting our customers know the real depth of the responsibility that goes into producing their food, which inevitably includes the mistakes we make along the way, or the mishaps that happen on the farm. Transparency is key to developing long lasting relationships with you all, relationships that drive the sustainability of our farm.

We aren’t “Pork You Can Trust” because we raise our animals without using antibiotics. We are “Pork You Can Trust” because we are going to tell you the truth. We aren’t going to give an animal antibiotics because they fell sick, and still sell it to you through our business. If we say antibiotic-free we mean they are given zero antibiotics from start-to-finish.


We aren’t “Pork You Can Trust” because we feed our animals non-GMO grain. We are “Pork You Can Trust” because we aren’t going to use this term unless we know it makes a difference. We have fed our animals non-GMO grain for about 1 1/2 years now. However, we waited to use the term until the pork you were consuming was fed non-GMO from start-to-finish. We as farmers are still unsure if it makes a difference to a human through consumption of meat (pretty difficult to sift through all of the research); however our pig herd’s conception rates have improved with the Non-GMO diet. This has helped with the higher costs of the grain, and has given us more confidence in the term.


So to sum up what I meant by “it is what it is.” It means we will do our best as farmers to always tell it like it is, and to listen, grow, and improve based on our conversations with you at the markets and on the farm.



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